Haryana Government and Private Jobs

Haryana is witnessing a huge spurt in unemployment .The main reason behind rising unemployment is Haryana’s inability to attract significant new investments. The Industrial policy of Haryana Government has failed to provide any impetus to the process of Industrialization.

    The recent incidents of labour related violence in the auto component belts of Manesar and Faridabad has dented the image of Haryana as an Industry friendly state. The Industrial climate of the state has deteriorated. In some clashes the management of the multinational companies came at the receiving end of the labour related violence. This just goes on to show that the government has failed completely in providing any kind of safety to the industrialists operating in Haryana.

    Venod Sharma has been strongly criticizing the Industrial violence saying that it portrays a very bad picture of the state in front of investors, who are, in any case, not finding enough reasons to invest in Haryana. The existing problems in Infrastructure are already keeping the investors at bay and with Industrial unrest on the rise, the investors are not finding enough reason to invest in Harayna.

    Venod Sharma believes that this has hit the youth hard as the job generation has dried up in Haryana .But unfortunately no political party or leader is paying any heed to the problem. Once Haryana will start attracting business and investment, the face of the state will automatically change. Only new business and Industry will provide employment to the youths.

Venod Sharma fighting for job opportunities

Venod Sharma has been constantly attacking the loopholes in the interview system of the Government jobs. Mr. Sharma has often said that the interview policy of the Haryana government is keeping the able candidates out of the job process.

Today the interview system of Haryana is nothing else but another form of nepotism. The youth of the state is a dejected lot because of the prevailing discrepancies in the system and there is no response from the government.

Until and unless Haryana Government addresses the surrounding issues related with the job creation in Haryana, there will be no visible improvement on the front of job creation in Haryana.


  • Attacking the loopholes in the interview system of the Government jobs
  • Business and Industry will provide employment to the youths