Jan Chetna Party Haryana

Jan Chetna Party
Venod Sharma, who is the foremost political leader of Haryana, has formed his own political outfit by the name of Jan Chetna Party. The party has a goal of providing a platform for raising the voice of the poor sections of the society.

    Venod Sharma wants to awaken the people of Haryana. He wants the people to be aware of their r rights and duties. Only an informed citizenry can protect it’s interests from injustice and misrule. Venod Sharma is considered to be Haryana’s topmost political leader. He has always advocated for equal opportunity for all sections of the society. He wants the state to have world class infrastructure and have top notch educational facilities.

    Janchetna Party has been formed to improve the life of the backward and weaker sections of the society. The party is committed towards working for the cause of the poor and oppressed. It is not just a political party but a culmination of people’s aspirations. Jan Chetna Party aims to unite all those likeminded people who have in their heart a zeal for Haryana’s development. JanChetnaParty wants to bring together those forces which wants to work for the development of Haryana.

    Venod Sharma has a dream of placing Haryana among the top rated states of the country. The state has all the resources and the potential to be among the top ranking state of the country but the vested political interests have kept the state behind. The party believes in utilizing the resources available in Haryana to make it reach the top position in the country. The state can be placed in the league of best states of the country; this is a firm belief of Venod Sharma.

Venod Sharma and Jan Chetna Party

Haryana needs a catalyst to kick start the process of progress and growth in the state. Venod Sharma has made a promise to the people of Haryana that if JanChetna Party comes to power than no stone would be left unturned to provide the necessary impetus to the development work in Haryana.

The vision and mission of Janchetna party are development based. Venod Sharma has a precise vision for the progress of Haryana. He has a distinctive vision for Haryana .He wants development of Haryana under all circumstances and has reiterated on many occasions that he would not tolerate any hurdle on the growth path of Haryana.

Jan Chetna party under the leadership of Venod Sharma, has the ability to transform the state of Haryana into a fully developed state.


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